Housework here, presentation there, lectures at 8 o’clock and much more. In college, a lot happens, sometimes there is hardly any room for leisure and your well-deserved rest. A successful study should ideally contain both. Because nothing comes from nothing, but a consistently stressed student is rarely a happy one. So how do you succeed in completing your studies without being burned out every other week?

Organization “is key”

A healthy balance in your studies is indispensable. In order to have a good organization in the study, there are some tips and tricks.

The classic planner in book form is still a true lifesaver for many people even in the digital age. Because you can not only enter your appointments and deadlines in it, but you can also design it according to your preferences. Although this is of less interest to many of our male citizens, there is still the possibility to personalize your own planner.

Of course, the much more common variant is the one of the mobile phone calendar. So you can quickly register your appointments, before you forget them. Perfect for those who do not feel like carrying a laptop or a book with them everywhere. However, you lose such a calendar easier times out of sight and then suddenly there is the deadline for a housework, without you had this in mind. Therefore, everyone should decide for themselves what works better.

As a third option there are cool gadgets for home, such as a small school board, or the self-designed annual calendar. There are no limits to your creativity here.

Small rewards keep you happy!

In the exam phase actually every student hates himself. Too late to start learning, skipping a few lectures too much and then not handling the course material properly. But if you despair and learn for days, at least treat some nice things. It does not have to be anything big, a delicious dessert or a series of your favorite series is enough. Imagine one thing you want to do in a given time. After that, a reward awaits you. This is a very simple psychology and a great way to motivate yourself and avoid mental breakdown. So you notice a lot more, what you have already done and not what you have to do everything yet. Keep small steps, small goals and a cool head. So it works then with the “binge-studying”. It’s not recommended, but if we’re honest, it’s as good as any student has done at least once.

A work student job – please?

Heard right. A cool student job can help you become more productive in your studies. Because with fixed working hours and responsibility you have to plan your day forced. This may seem a bit annoying at first, but it helps your productivity 100%. First, you have more money, less time to knock it over unnecessarily, and at the same time, you gain valuable hands-on experience with your work-study job, which will help you in your later work life. Especially when it comes to the first job after graduation. In addition to the right application techniques, which give you a clear advantage, also subject relevant work student jobs are welcome.

Clever time saving

Annoying tasks that cost time in college are more than enough. The exam is already in six days, but you just did not have time to read the whole book? Then get the summary of the book. Whether it’s from the internet or from a classmate who already has the course behind him. Without the filler words and irrelevant information, you can learn more directly. This is no secret and actually all students already know this trick. Another trick is to use helpful softwares that will allow you to work faster. For example, there are transcription softwares that make it much easier for you to convert video or audio files. Then, of course, there are also helpers online, such as Auratikum, who help you write your scientific work.


In the end, the key to successful study depends on many different factors. Provided that you like your degree program and you are satisfied with your university city and people, the above tips can greatly enhance your ultimate university experience.